Multicall: Call systems according to DIN VDE 0834

The MultiCall system has been developed with hospitals, retirement homes, forensic clinics and prisons, police stations and courts in mind. All our MultiCall systems are tailored specifically to your INDIVIDUAL requirements, and like all our systems and products – MultiCall adheres to the DIN VDE 0834 regulations, featuring:

  • micro processor driven standalone units - each device works indepently
  • decentralised intelligence system - no system relevant servers
  • permanent, self-monitoring - device failures are signalized imediately

To see how Multicall can be used in prisons or hospitals, select Multicall Security or MultiCall Healthcare to see examples.

Multicall Security:

  • Cell Call Systems
  • Communication and Intercom Systems
  • Cell Management

Multicall Healthcare:

  • Nursecall Systems
  • Communication and Intercom Systems
  • Media access

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