Relay solutions

None of our devices have been produced in such large quantities and with such great success as our latching relay. Hundreds of thousands of them have been sold all over the world. It has been available for almost 20 years in various versions and further developments. It was developed out of necessity, because the progressive replacement of relay technology by integrated circuits had not yet caused a reaction in the installation industry. The highly integrated call systems in power-saving technology had to control power-guzzling contactors to switch the bed and ceiling lighting in patient rooms, often with fatal consequences.

Together with increasing safety requirements, the protection of the patient against 230V was by far not sufficient to avoid body currents. Our latching relay, which was actually only intended as a supplement to our own systems, was immediately absorbed by the market; the competition and almost all manufacturers of medical technology systems and light rails today rely on our product worldwide. After the call system standard DIN VDE 0834 has come into force, there is no way around our small device.

Current surge relay with normally closed and normally open contacts for switching lamps in systems with higher requirements in terms of interference immunity and galvanic isolation to EN60601-1 and DIN VDE 0834. The device guarantees a high level of operational reliability, particularly if long control cables are used and if there are switched electromagnetic fields nearby. It has its own internal power supply and is quiet running. Pulse control (current surge version) or continuous level control (relay version) are possible, either floating via buttons and relays other relays, or non-floating via external electronic equipment (max. 24V DC). The units are suitable for screw fixture in medical supply units.

Technical data:
Operating voltage 150-250 V, 50 Hz or 100-220 V, 60 Hz
Nominal switch rating 6 A / 250 VAC
Incandescent and fluorescent lamps 1000 watts Power consumption 0.75 VA
7-pin plug connections for wires up to 2.5 mm2 cross section
Two-pole removable pillar terminal for the control cable.
Dimensions: L85 x W42 x H32 mm